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System Forum CREATE YOUR FORUM NOW! 0 0 0
This is the only place where any registered user can immediately create new forum without waiting for approval from anybody. Our team members will later move your new forum to the appropriate forum tree branch, and will notify you about its new location.
System Forum TIMUR.COM Support 0 2 17
This forum is intended to provide general and technical support to all forums.
Regular Forum Advertisement 2 18 20
Place to display your ads and offers.
Regular Forum Aircrafts & Space 1 1 2
Discuss anything related to aircrafts or spaceships here.
Regular Forum Animals & Pets 865 15 26
Place to discuss our little and big animal friends.
Regular Forum Arts & Crafts 0 0 0
Any discussion forum related to arts and crafts belongs here.
Regular Forum Autos 816 4 6
Everything about cars trucks and motorcycles.
Regular Forum Boats & Marine Equipment 0 0 0
Title speaks for itself. Any discussions related to boats, ships and other marine equipment belongs here.
Regular Forum Business & Finance 10 14 31
Any discussions related to businesses or finances are here.
Regular Forum Computers & Internet 31 9 12
Need we say more? Create your forum here!
Regular Forum Consumer Products 0 0 0
Electronics, appliances, home goods and all other consumer products are discussed here.
Regular Forum Education 71 44 634
Discussion forums dedicated to schools, colleges and educational programs.
Regular Forum Entertainment 6 6 7
Discuss movies, plays, theaters, concerts and other here.
  Title Forums Threads Posts
Regular Forum Firearms 9 14 24
All discussion forums and groups dedicated to firearms belong here.
Regular Forum Food & Drinks 0 0 0
Place to discuss food, drinks, recipes and cooking.
Regular Forum Games 2 4 5
Any games of any kind are discussed here!
Regular Forum Health 0 0 0
Health and medicine related discussions.
Regular Forum Hobbies 3 1 1
We all have hobbies. Let`s discuss them here.
Regular Forum Kids 0 0 0
Need we say more?
Regular Forum Point Of View 5 3 4
We all have opinions on all subjects... Let`s discuss them here.
Regular Forum Politic & Government 1 1 1
All political discussions should be placed here.
Regular Forum Regional Forums 280 6 9
Regional discussion forums.
Regular Forum Religion 3 5 9
This forum is dedicated to discussions about religions of all times, types and nations.
Regular Forum Science 0 0 0
World of science is huge and we have just a right place to discuss all the science topics here.
Regular Forum Sports 1 2 3
Any sport related topics and forums are here.
Regular Forum Travel 3 22 38
Here we discuss our travel destinations and adventures.
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05/02/2008  15:06:30
We have updated our forum server software. Major changes are: color palette update, images in navigation controls were replaced by cascading styles, ....>>>
04/23/2008  07:39:55
Our website has not been particularly active lately. We are preparing for the major interface update that will more intensively use cascading styles ....>>>
12/22/2007  23:27:05
Happy Holidays! This holiday season we wish our members and guests the best. May happiness, life, love and luck be on your side! Happy Holidays!>>>
08/27/2007  07:45:42
We have moved our web site to the new dedicated hosting facility. We expect to have improved stability of the communication and increased response ....>>>
08/07/2007  13:43:35
Some of our users say that while having great capabilities, our forums feel a bit simplistic in their presentation. We have to admin that while ....>>>
07/03/2007  17:06:19
We have upgraded our database engine from Firebird 1.5 to Firebird 2.0.1. We hope that this upgrade will improve overall system performance.>>>
07/03/2007  16:58:52
We have discovered and fixed the bug in our search engine that was allowing to search through the private forum messages without having appropriate ....>>>
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